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Entry Procdure Kobe Sumiyoshi international Japanese language school | Kobe Sumiyoshi international Japanese language school

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Entry Procedure

Apply for enrollment

Enter the necessary information on the Materials Request/Inquiry Form and submit the form. Then, bring or send the forms to our school by FAX or E-MAIL>>Download

Examination of the documentsBasic
achievement testOral examination

We have a check about the Submitted documents. The Chinese Students must take an Oral test and Basic achievement examination (Japanese, mathematics, English, a short essay) by the staff of our school in China The Students from other countries will take an Oral test via Tel or Internet.

Certificate of entrance
admissionCertificate of Eligibility

After a general judgment about the test, we will send you a notification of admission letter.Then、send the necessary documents to Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau Kobe District Immigration Office. The application for a Certificate of  Eligibility is started.

Issue a Certificate of Eligibility

The school notifies you of the result of a Certificate of Eligibility.
* If you failed, the school will notify you the reason as soon as we receive a message.

Application Guide

The student who received a Certificate of  Eligibility, must pay in full before the stated day. After your payment of tuition fee, your Certificate of Eligibility and the necessary documents will be sent to you.

Receive visa

Send the Certificate of  Eligibility , necessary documents and passport to Japanese Embassy, or Consulate. Waiting for receive your visa.

Enter Japan

Enter Japan, then come to the school immediately ,and finish the enrollment formalities.

1.Required forms and documents

Of the applicants (forms must written by oneself)
Personal Record
Diploma of the last educational school (original)
Transcripts of the last school (original)
8 pieces of photo(4cm×3cm)
Documents of your employment .
Copy of your identity card
Copy of your passport
Of Application’s Financial Supporter
Paper on method of support to meet the applicant’s expenses while in Japan. Documents of employment, business license, etc.)
Documents about your annual incomes (certificate issued by public office)
Documents that can show your identity(copy of your identity card or your passport)
Document that can show your relationship with applicant (certificate issued by public office)
Certificate of Deposit
Other necessary documents
* Please consult with the office of our school about the necessary documents. All the documents should be translated in Japanese.

2.Application procedures

You had better apply through your relatives of friends who are in Japan. Or you can directly contract to our school from your country.
Entrance examination fee should be paid when you hand in your application documents.

3.Screen process

The first screen: examination of application –form –before- hand.
The second screen : Japanese test and interview with applicants and financial supporters.(in your country)
The third screen: examination of the documents.

4.Payment of fees

You should pay the school fees and other fees after the Certificate of Eligibility is issued by the Japanese Immigration Office.

* If you can not come to Japan and it is not due to you own responsibility(such as political accident, accident, illness etc.)you can have you fee back except entrance examination fee and enrollment fee. On the other hand, if it is due to your own responsibility, you can not have your fees back.

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